Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reply from Gale at the borough about Map

Here is the reply from Gale at the borough about the chase trail being on the new map.

Don't worry Beth, I've received other requests like yours and we won't include the Chase is not for casual visitors to Talkeetna, that is apparent.

Thank you for your comments. I will have a second draft of the map in a week or so and I'll forward a copy to you. Please let me know any further comments you may have.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Attached is a recent e-mail sent to a borough employee concerning not putting the Chase Trail on the new Chamber of Commerce Map.
Gale: I am a resident of the Chase area and also on the Community Council .
I understand that you are in the process of Making a Chamber of Commerce Map.
We residents of the Chase Area request that our trail not be put on your Map for several reasons.
1. The walkway that we use to access the trail is owned by the railroad. The railroad doesn't even want us using their walkway for access but is begrudgingly letting us use it. If you advertise our trail and we get a lot of non-residents and tourists just joy riding and exploring up here you will jeopardize our privilege of using the walkway to get home. Thus leaving us with no way to get to town which would be a safety issue.
2. This trail is like a driveway to our houses all the trails end in peoples dooryards. This makes it that the people you funnel up here by advertising our trail end up trespassing on private land. People up here are not all that welcoming to strangers and very much oppose them showing up unexpectedly at our houses.
3. We have been maintaining this trail by our taxes paid to the borough and volunteer community effort not public funds mainly so that our trail which in essence is like our driveways doesn't get advertised and end up being someone's play ground.
4. Advertising our trail could also lead to vandalism and crime in our area.
I would like to view the draft of the maps. You can email me the draft.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Chase Community News

Just wanted to keep everyone informed on what the Chase Community Council has been working on.

We met with Mayor Curt Maynard on Feb 28th. We wanted his advice on how we should go about protecting our lifestyle by not having the Talkeetna River Railroad bridge walkway widened. He assured us by forming the CCC was a good step in the right direction since we would be recognized by the borough. He also suggested we contact our local representatives Mark Neuman and Charlie Huggins to let them know we did not want the walkway widened and also we don’t want them to secure any funding from the budget to fund a safety study. I have been trying to talk to Mr Neuman, he was in Wa and then Juneau…he forward a letter to me from the President of AKRR, Pat Gamble stating they won’t be widening the walkway in the future but wants the state to build a new bridge to connect to the Chase Trail.

We also met with Eileen Probasco at (planning dept) to ask about when we would be officially recognized by the borough. Hopefully by April the assembly will be able to do that. She also suggested that we review the Chase Comprensive Plan and make amendments where needed.

We also talked with another borough employee about how we reinstate the mil tax that funds our trail maintaince fund. Which we will have to address at our next meeting.