Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chase Trail Groomer Information

Hello everyone who uses the Chase trail!

Recently, two groomers were purchased by the Chase Trail Service Area. The intent is to make the groomers available to trail users to share responsibility for trail maintenance. The groomers are available for travelers to hook up and groom any section of trail between the Talkeetna River bridge and the mile 231.7 crossing of the RR tracks. The groomers must stay on the Chase Trail at all times. They are not to be used on private property.

A few notable qualities of the groomers:

1. The groomers are a distinctive bright orange to make it easy to see them in the snow and to distinguish them from other privately-owned groomers. Please only use the orange groomers.
2. The blade is adjustable with a ¾ inch wrench.
3. If the snow is too deep, the hitch can be folded back and the metal U-bolt can be hooked directly to the pintle hitch – allowing the groomer to be transported with the blade off the ground.
4. A pintle hitch is the easiest for hooking up, but you can use it with a flapper hitch also. A shackle or a strong piece of string can be used to attach the groomer to your machine.
5. The groomers are 44’” wide so they will fit across both the Billion Slough bridge and the Talkeetna River bridge.

When you are finished grooming, please leave the groomers tipped on their side so they will not be buried in a snowfall or accidentally run over. Leave them off to the side of the trail so that they do not obstruct traffic. If anyone is interested in purchasing their own groomer to groom there private trails, please contact Mike Wood at 733-8350.

Thanks to everyone for your help in maintaining the Chase Trail.

Happy Smooth Trails

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